Facebook Live Marketing

In the growing age of technology, social media has become a powerful force in determining the visibility and growth of one’s business.  Less than a decade ago, an effective and professional website was all that was necessary to generate user traffic. However, nowadays clients want to interact more personally and more directly with businesses, making once personal social media outlets a professional resource. With the introduction of new social media tools such as Facebook Live, clients feel that their personalized experience with businesses is elevated beyond liking, sharing and commenting.  Live streaming makes people feel as if they are right there with you.  We spoke with a Fort Worth Electrician about how they are using Facebook Live for some of their marketing efforts.  How can you utilize Facebook Live for effective social media marketing to generate more traffic to your business? Keep reading to find out.

facebook live

Give Clients Insight into Your Brand

If your business is a factory or a manufacturing plant, for example, using Facebook Live is a great way to show clients how your product is made and how your product is developed from its first concept design to the final touches.  If you are involved in a more communication-related business, you can take Facebook Live with you to events, or show a one-on-one encounter with a client to display how your business touches the lives of people every day.  Facebook Live means just that, it’s life; your users know that you aren’t using false clients or Photoshop or lighting to alter the appearance of your business.  That makes you more relatable.


Making Your Brand Interactive

By allowing clients to get a little closer look into who are you and what you do as a business, you can have them directly interact with you over the live stream.  Many colleges are now hosting their own free webinars and interest groups have events where real dialogue is generated with actual clients.  It is one, effective way for you to communicate directly with consumers at no cost to you or them.  This makes an event much more enticing to a client and he or she will feel that you have targeted his or her specific interests.


Get Your Products to Consumers Sooner

It is likely that once you launch a product, it may take some time for the product to actually reach your consumers.  By using Facebook Live, you can showcase your product launch, teach clients how to use the new product and show them where and how they can get the product as soon as it hits stores.  Again, clients want to feel that you are making just as much of an investment in them as they are in you, and Facebook Live allows for those personalized touches that really make clients feel special.


The world of technology is face-paced and rapidly changing. It is likely in the next 20-30 years, Facebook Live will become Facebook A hologram of Facebook Telepathy.  All this tool is, is just another way for you to really get to know and understand your customers better.  It’s fast, easy and most of all, it’s free advertising. Since social media has done so much for society in terms of how we connect personally all over the world, Facebook Live is just one more step closer to making a new connection, finding and keeping business and making your company a success.

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