Month: April 2017

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How To Reach More Customers By Asking For Referrals

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Did You Say Referrals?

Marketing has really evolved since the days of needing to have a physical contact to get more customers. Now, it is the digital age where virtually all communication is done online. Thanks to the internet, digital devices, and platforms, more customers can now be reached easily without physical communication. We have heard of web marketing and Search Engine Optimization methods, but one of the best and easiest ways to market your business online is to know how to reach customers by asking for referrals.   Asking for referrals will work with basically any type of business, and works great in a service business.  We reached out to William from Parking Lot Striping Atlanta, to get his take on how to increase your service business by asking for referrals.

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How to Reach More Customers Online As A Home Improvement Business

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Increase Your Customer Base

Home improvement products and services are currently in high demand. More and more people are seeking to better their living spaces or even to simply just furnish a new property. From interior decor to landscape shaping, home and property owners are on the quest for cozy rooms and spaces.

The issue is that most home improvement contractors do not know how to market to their target audience.  Let’s say you are in the synthetic turf business and you want to market to people in Dallas, TX.  How do you go about getting people to find you when they search for synthetic turf Dallas?

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