Get Your Online Network Started

Today’s trend in product and business introduction is the use social media. Many companies and businesses around the world use Facebook to create or improve their network. There are many ways on how to create an active network for your business on Facebook. Others do it in Facebook groups, page or on their profile.

Facebook has features that will suit your needs for establishing an active network.

  1. Facebook adverts- People spend time on Facebook. On the average, around 1.7 billion people use this app every day.
  2. Facebook pages- Users can create pages for their businesses. These pages act as the business’ presence on social media, therefore people connected to you will find out about your industry.
  3. Facebook messenger- Other users create automated responses to serve their customers inquiring through Facebook.
  4. Linked apps – In order to make your business more visible on the social media, facebook user link their status updates in Instagram, tweeter and other social media networks on their facebook updates.


In order to create an active network in Facebook, the user must learn how to perform the following methods.

  • Make facebook post. If the user is new on facebook, it is good to use this basic feature. Attract people using status updates. It is good to talk about the products, interests and business goals.
  • Build your facebook page. After making an impact using status updates, users must build facebook page for the business. In here, users can select the target market by age group and interests. For the page’s aesthetics, users will need to use attractive display and cover photo related to your business. Business logo and banner will do. For page updates, it is suggested to post business events, happenings, and products. Online merchants post events like online sales, offers and organized events where they participate. This way, the business’ image will appear as active and at the same time, business owners and marketers can advertise the business on their personal facebook status update by including the page’s link to your post.
  • Post good pictures using other apps and link them to facebook, there are users who also use other apps such as tweeter and Instagram. Owners and marketers can link their posts on other social networks on the page’s facebook update. Good pictures usually attract more audiences since it is easier to be seen on the feed compared to plain text.
  • Facebook groups are also effective for your network. Use facebook groups to interact directly with potential customers. These groups must include members that share the same interest with your business. There are facebook groups for sports, food, culture, clothing, and music enthusiasts.

Several ways can be used to strengthen your business network on facebook. Advance online merchants use a different combination of these methods to increase their connections and views. An active business network can be achieved by applying the principles of marketing. The only difference is that the medium is a social network. Still, as the owner or employee assigned in business marketing, the main goal is to reach more potential customers and gain more attention.