Get Out There and Be Known

The internet has virtually changed the way we communicate with friends, coworkers and businesses.  Most companies appreciate the importance of internet and that is why they are using it to connect with clients.  The continued growth in the internet technology has made it possible for companies to do online marketing hence reaching out to more potential customers.  These advertising activities done online are generally referred to as web marketing.  We look at some of the ideas to market your website in order to bring in more clients to your company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – this is one way of increasing your website’s visibility in online searches. You do this by optimizing your web pages using keyword phrases that most people use to make online searches. Most people don’t have the time to go beyond the first page of the search results. If your website can’t appear among the top results one get for a given keyword, then its visibility will be very limited. SEO is therefore the best way to get to the top of the search results and create traffic to your website.
bloggingGuest blogging – many people will be attracted to free and original content on the web. You therefore need to regularly write content for your website to keep it interesting. You also need to write content for other prominent blogs in your line of business as a way of generating more traffic for your site. In these blogs you will include the link to your website in the biography section hence getting attention from visitors who would have ordinarily not known about it.
PPC – the pay per click (PPP) is another great idea to use with search engines like Google. This method works by allowing you pay a certain amount of money for the number of clicks on your ads. Your end goal is to get return for money by converting those people clicking on your ads into customers for your products. You can set a cost that works best for your business such as $5 per day or 10 cents per click. Proper choice of keyword will ensure your ads get to the top of the searches that are done by potential clients.
Retargeting – this method places a tracking cookie on the visitor’s machine. This cookie will keep attracting them back to your site way after they have left. An ad prompting them to come back will display on their computers. This method is the best choice to reach out to those visitors who left your site without initiating any conversation. In fact 98 percent of the visitors usually leave the site without any conversation. Having worked hard to get them there, it is important to bring them back.
social-mediaSocial media ads – many people use social media on a daily basis. One of the most used form of social media is Facebook. Facebook is used by both teenagers and adults and hence giving you a wider target audience. Most people will easily access an advert within the social media context as compared to other media. This will therefore be a cost effective way to market your website.
Building a website is an important milestone for your company. We have explored some of the ideas to market your website in an attempt to attract more customers to your business. Your reputation and influence will also be a great driving force in pulling customers to your website. For instance when you get mentioned in a press release, many people will get interested in what you do. Therefore on top of the above ideas, you will need to create good public relations to increase your brand awareness.

As always we would love to hear more from you.  If you have some great tips on marketing your website or business, we would love to hear the ideas.  Contact us and let us know today.