More Traffic

You have invested time and money to create a superb website. You must now make sure that the right people find it. Whether your transactions take place online or offline, here are four proven strategies to attract customers to your site and increase your sales.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
If your website is complete, its SEO is so, is not it? Not quite. Optimizing your website so that search engines find it is a continual process. Consider the situation in two ways.

Word cloudOn-site SEO is a strategy for managing your website that allows search engines to know what it is dealing with and consider its current. Search engines sweep your site to find keyword strings (CMCs) to determine content. A CMC is a set of two to four words in a row that are repeated several times on one page. So sprinkle the content of your website with several CMCs that the customers you are targeting will probably enter into the search engines. For example, if you are a home decorator in Winnipeg, your keywords could be “Winnipeg home decor”. In addition, it is good to regularly update your site. You can do this by adding a blog, white papers, and press releases.

Off-site referencing is the relationship between your site and other sites. When a high-quality website, such as a newspaper, has a link to your site, your website’s status is enhanced. The more links between quality sites and yours, the better for you. The best way to get links to your site is to produce quality content that others will reference. You can also get them by exchanging links with other sites and contributing comments on blogs.
Social Media
Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the three largest social media platforms that can refer visitors to your website. They are all free, but they require an investment of time on your part.
Social MediaFacebook is usually seen as a platform for companies that offer products and services to consumers. Create a Facebook page and attract the attention of customers with special offers, contests or information that interests them. You can expand your enthusiastic customer base naturally (while they share your page with their friends) or place ads on Facebook.
The impact of Twitter varies according to your industry. A wine cellar, for example, could have many consumers interested on Twitter seeking to know its latest products launched on the market. However, if you are a travel agency, your Twitter account will be used to network with the travel industry rather than interacting with consumers. LinkedIn is a site for business people and professionals that allow them to meet their counterparts. It is a very useful networking tool. Groups offer you the best opportunity to promote your website.
Email Marketing
E-mails and newsletters seem to be old-fashioned, but they should not be forgotten. With e-mail opening rates between 18% and 70%, sending regular, but not too frequent, information relevant to your current and potential customers will increase your site visits. Make sure that the recipients on your list agree to receive it and that they have the option to unsubscribe.
In addition to the above strategies, you may also consider signing up for online directories. You could register your business with:

This is only an introduction to four concepts that multiple visits. An online search will give you more information about each one.